Seamus McGrenery:
currently living and working in Dublin Ireland

Brief Biography

While studying fine art - printmaking I developed a strong interest in film and video camerawork.

At art school I remember being taught that before we could learn to draw we would first need to learn how to see! I was even more shocked, but it started a lifelong interest in the psychology of perception.

After college I got a job as a technician, where I did take some pictures, and also got my first experience using computers. Back then, in pre-PC days, it was huge computers which had to be programmed and fed data using punch cards.

Over the years, as I developed a career in television (TV) production, I often worked as a lecturer or trainer as well.

In the late eighties I started doing some desk top publishing (DTP) using an Apple Mac Classic. At the same time I could see the changes coming down the line in video cameras and later editing equipment. So in the early nineties I became involved in, or in some cases set up, projects preparing people who wanted to work in the TV industry for the switch to digital production.

By the turn of the millennium, having produced and directed some TV documentaries, and worked in other genres, it was natural to progress to digital media production.

I am fascinated by how and why we use technology to communicate.

Almost a decade ago I came back to the idea of writing a book on the subject. In order to write about how communication impacts on human minds I needed a theory of mind to work with. That inevitably led me to the problem of consciousness.

What I needed was a plausible description of human consciousness. One that makes sense of behaviour we experience every day, one that says something about human society and the profound moment in history we are living through.

The short summary of my thoughts on consciousness are here

Some of my earlier thoughts can be found at Earths Thought.

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James McGranery (1895 - 1962), US Congressman and Attorney General